Vision and Mission


The goal of the Ala-Too International university – on a higher level to teach the interlocutor the global values, the professional knowledge in the environment full of love, respect and tolerance by means of correct and qualified education. In the light of this knowledge to grow the persons seeking to extend global and human values, and the world from the home to worldwide. To play an important role in the solution of problems in the country in which are, and in neighboring countries. Besides, to keep in contact with the whole world thanks to communication with people around.


Ala-Too International University is located in the Kyrgyz Republic and pursues preparation for competitive, innovative, creative and multilingual professionals. The mission of the university is to prepare well-rounded professionals who respect historical values, have high critical thinking abilities, and are able to adapt to the changing environment through their knowledge and competencies.
While preparing professionals, the university sustains human rights and values, information technologies, innovative methods and scientific research that are in line with national traditions. As one of the country’s international universities, AIU devotes all resources to develop education, research and innovation.