1) What you need to dial a passing score for admission?
Each year, the Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Education sets the threshold scores for admission of applicants to higher education institutions. During the 2018-2019 academic year the threshold score on the main test is 110 points. For the next academic year 2019-2020, the threshold score on the main test is not already installed.
2) What are the benefits for admission to your university?
On the basis of ORT at our university are from 5% to 100% discount on tuition. Winner of national and regional competitions provided 20 to 100% discount on tuition. Applicants, who took first place in the individual competitions at the national and international sporting Olympics, get a 30% discount. Graduates who receive "red certificate" of secondary education is provided admission 20% discount. For more information http://alatoo.edu.kg/view/public/pages/page.xhtml?id=69
3) Are there any other additional internal tests in high school?
After receiving the documents, the university conducts internal English test to determine the level of knowledge on the subject. Students who successfully pass the test, go to the 1st course. Not gaining threshold students sit on the preparatory course. Persons who present an official TOEFL (IBT 60) and IELTS (6,0) certificates are credited to the first year without trial test. Other additional admission tests of the university do not hold.
4) Do you provide to nonresident students a hostel?
Partners Ala-Too International University provide for nonresident and foreign students dormitory, which is conveniently located in the city.
5) When you start receiving documents?
According to the Resolution of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic of the selection and enrollment of students in higher education institutions starting with the month of July of each year.
6) Do you provide respite from the army?
The right to deferment from military service citizens have enrolled in full-time education in higher vocational schools.International University of Ala -Too provides help in the Military Commissariat of the department where the student is given a deferment from the army for a period, until he studies, but not more than the normative terms of development of basic educational programs.
7) What rules of entering a higher education institution of citizens of the foreign states?
Foreign citizens have the right to the higher education at our university according to international treaties on rendering paid educational services. For more information link http://alatoo.edu.kg/view/public/pages/page.xhtml?id=1627
8) Whether it is possible to use results of ORT of last years?
No, it is impossible.
9) If you doesn't gather a lowest passing score on ORT for receipt?
The entrants who haven't gathered a lowest passing score on ORT for entering a higher education institution in the main and additional objects are given an opportunity to come to professional college at university. The term of training makes 2 years
10) What directions are available in professional college?
- economy and accounting
- banking - marketing
- computer systems and complexes
- Software engineer
- Design
- Jurisprudence
11) What objects are studied in a preparatory course?
In a preparatory course students learn two foreign languages: English and Turkish. In a week 8 hours for Turkish and for studying of English are given 24 hours.
12) How it is possible to pay the contract for training?
The tuition fee can be brought in parts: on 50% at the beginning of each semester.
13) What documents are necessary for receipt?
At filing of application about enrollment of students arriving provides: - a photocopy of the documents proving his identity, nationality; - the original document of the state sample about education (certificate/diploma); - 6 photos 3х4 - certificate of GRT (original and copy) - the copy of the assigned certificate (for young men): -The first installment of tuition is 30 % of the total value of the contract;- Medical certificate 086(original);- The copy of the Medical certificate 063
14) Is it possible to transfer to our university from others?
Yes, sure. It requires the appropriate level of English to be transferred to our university from other universities.
15) Is it possible to get distance education at our university?
Distance Learning Center (DLC) at the university administrates educational services on preparation of bachelor there are two directions: management and international relations. DLC is preparing masters in the following areas: management and pedagogy.
16) Is there an academic exchange program for students?
Yes, there is. Implementation of academic exchange programs carries out annually. Our university cooperates with more than 20 partner countries, which include more than 70 universities. Student exchange in the framework of partnership - it is an opportunity to pass semester or one-year non-degree training in one of the partner universities.
17) Does our university participate in the ERASMUS program?
Yes, our University is involved in the pan-European program for cooperation in educational area. Within the “ERASMUS+” program there is an exchange of students and teachers between institutions of higher education in Europe, where our university is a competent partner. Our students have a great opportunity to be trained under this program, all the costs of which assumes the European Union and the host country.