Lecture from The New York Times journalist and producer of documentary series for Netflix

November 30, 2023

AIU always pays special attention to the organization of guest lectures from various organizations. These events represent a valuable exchange of knowledge and experience in various fields, allowing students and teachers to immerse themselves in a variety of perspectives and expert opinions.

In this regard, on November 29, 2023, a seminar was held at the university on the topic “Making writing a part of your life” from Sam Kahn, a journalist of the famous American print publication The New York Times and producer of documentary series for Netflix, Showtime and A&E.  

The speaker emphasized important aspects related to writing. He highlighted several key points, including the importance of keeping daily notes, the importance of reading to improve writing skills, stimulating the creative process through experimentation with various forms of writing, as well as effective time management.

During his speech, Sam Kahn gave examples and quotes from famous American writers, which enriched the information presented and inspired the audience to new creative achievements. This event was a valuable exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of communication and writing for students and lecturers of the university. 

It should be noted that Sam Kang is a lecturer of the Bachelor's degree in Journalism and the Master's program in Media, Artificial Intelligence and Visual Arts in AIU. We express our gratitude to the speaker for the informative lecture and wish him success in his professional activities.