The opening ceremony of the new studio

November 24, 2023

Creating favorable conditions for students at the university contributes to the academic success and professional growth of students. Good infrastructure, access to resources, and support from lecturers help students reach their potential and prepare for a successful career.

AIU pays special attention to creating favorable conditions for its students. In this regard, on November 23, 2023, the opening ceremony of a new studio for students took place at the university. The opening was attended by the rector, teaching staff, deans of faculties, representatives of the GIZ organization and local media, and students.

It should be noted that the GIZ organization, on behalf of the German government, will support the studio by providing the necessary sound and lighting equipment, as well as attracting experts in relevant fields to conduct podcast interviews and expert conversations.

The studio provides a range of equipment for the embodiment of creativity. With sound insulation based on foam coating and excellent acoustics, you can create an ideal sound environment. Studio features also include:​​

  • Large cyclorama: Allows to control lighting and create unique visual effects.

  • A wall with high-quality chromakey backgrounds in three main colors (blue, green, dark gray) provides the realization of creative ideas.

  • Interactive Panel: View high-quality video tutorials or presentations.

  • Decorative corner: Creating amazing compositions for vivid photos, filming, podcasts and broadcasts.

The studio opens up limitless prospects for creating creative media content.